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F.L.A.N. Actualization Plan

1 box Goya Instant Flan Mix Content
4 cups Silk Soy Milk (rice milk is not suitable for cooking)
8 teaspoons Dulce de Leche

Upgrade your custard cups so they are flan-ready by implementing a teasponful of Dulce de Leche into each portal. This is a user friendly and mouth-compatible alternative to managing your own sugar-to-caramel production to implement flan-readiness in custard cups.

Deploy the Goya Instant Flan Mix in its entirety into a stove-side pan. Upgrade the GIFM by incrementally upgrading the amount of SSM until all four cups have been deployed. Make sure that the GIFM-SSM integration is complete and bug-free. Launch the heat-generating device onto a minimal energy usage setting. Make sure to utilize the spoon system and oversee the stirring module. When it boils, deploy it into the custard cups and let it adjust to the new situation. Then pencil in at least an hour in the fridge for the flan cups, so that they can actualize.

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