The Vegemite Challenge

On Dec. 13th, 2001, a challenge was put forth to eat Vegemite. On Dec. 29th, 2001, Vegemite was consumed. Here's the story.

What is Vegemite?

As reported by, Vegemite's been around since 1923 in order to torture little kids in the name of good health. Vegemite is pretty gross - after all it is an extremely salty yeast extract that's used as a spread. The website claims it "puts a rose in every cheek." This is what Vegemite looks like:


The Tea Party

As making such a big deal out of eating a bizarre food product is kind of ridiculous, we decided to make it even worse by organizing a giant hoopla around it. As a result, a tea party was scheduled and people were invited to be witnesses to the horrible act that is Vegemite-eating. I got a new tea set for Christmas, so this was also the maiden voyage of this fine china set and three kinds of tea were provided to be brewed for the participants of this extraordinary ordeal.

This is what a tea party table looks like in a house of a poor college student (notice: the table is made out of a closet shelf and an old carton box - bonus points for cleverness!):


The Participants

In order to pull off such crazy happenings, you must find people insane or indifferent enough to participate. I did it and the victims can be viewed below. As you can see, except for the blurry misc/vegemite spokeswoman, each and every one of the soon-to-be Vegemite-lovers has an expression of pain/fear on their face.

Blurry Vegemite Spokeswoman

Shocked by Vegemite

Grossed Out by Vegemite

Puzzled by Vegemite

Terrified by Vegemite

Scared by Vegemite

One innocent bystander was involved in the proceedings. However, the involved cat in question, my poor cat Lucy (short for "Lucifer") displayed what I can only interpret as love towards Vegemite...

... right before she kicked it, of course.


Pressure Rising

We spent the first two hours of the tea party sitting around and talking about mollusks, lists of enemies, binturongs (which are the best), David Sedaris, yo-yo tricks, Hal's laundry, how impossible it is to read Thomas Pynchon novels (or it may be just me), little girls, knitting, pythons, and other interesting subjects. We avoided to talk about actually eating Vegemite in the close future, except for when it was used in combination with words such as "insane", "crazy", or "wacko". Here's some photos:

Drinking tea pretentiously


Playing video games



Let's consume some Vegemite!

Eventually, the time came when we couldn't put it off any longer. It was the time to open and actually insert Vegemite into our bodies.

About to break into Vegemite

First knifefull of Vegemite

Spreading Vegemite love

First bite of Vegemite!

At this point, Vegemite has entered my digestive system. The shock was tremendous. Vegemite is very very gross at first...

... but after a while one discovers that the rich salty extreme taste of Vegemite is kind of pleasant, if not nice towards one's tastebuds. This is when the game of "seafood" comes in handy.

See? Food!

So, Vegemite is pretty yummy. Well, I wouldn't eat it every day like some crazy people on the other side of Earth, but once in a while, who knows. Maybe I'll turn into a weird lady with cats and Vegemite one day.

Mhm... Vegemite....

Victorious over Vegemite!


In the end, Vegemite proved to be not as bad as I expected. I think I could technically consider it quite tasty (and it smells good too, like solid beer or something). So, the moral of the story is: if you were dared to eat something weird, at least make a webpage about it.

The End


PS. After a bit of trying it out, Vegemite proved to be much better with butter.